aka Uni, DM

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  • I live in Missouri
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is being a geology geek, music theory and STEM nerd, taxonomy maniac, fantasy and sci-fi fan, local history lover, and a foreign food fiend
  • I am an enigmatic lady with broad interests

Hi! I'm Bureaucrat Universal! I'm having computer troubles, please do not contact me until 1LugiaLover is demoted. Until then, contact 1LugiaLover or another admin. (Call me uni or DM for the sake of convenience) Template:Subscribe Universal

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About meEdit

Well...I am a senior wikian. I own many wikis. And I am a contributor to wikipedia and Bulbapedia. I love to create characters of any kind! Invite me to RP, I will! I'm a Gemini, and the description also fits my personality.

RP HistoryEdit

I’m a very senior RPer. I've been LARPing since I was about 2 or 3. I started internet RPing when I was first old enough to go on the computer, I then went on to co-found one of the longest ongoing RPs in the world.

My purposeEdit

I am the person in charge of programming, code, formatting and templates. (Pretty much the tech-y stuff) If you have any questions or requests, ask me. I can make new chat mods, but I don't take beggars. (If you have rollback or higher, I will give you chatmod status, or if 1LugiaLover approves of others) I’m a writer, and a really advanced reader. I can critique articles, and help with grammar and spelling. I have a high IQ (Genius level) and won a geography bee in the fourth grade. I’ll help with ANYTHING.

A few NicknamesEdit

I'm guessing a few of you can't figure out what to call me. My username is kinda long. You can call me Uni, Universal, UG, UG1003, Dialga, Tyranitar, Mudkipie, DM, DialgaMaster, or by my real name, Sophie....Yeah.

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