This is the first Roleplay on the Everything And Anything wiki! W00t!

But guess what! It's about... MY LITTLE PONY! XD

But.... This time MLP takes a deep twist. It's not the cute and friendly show you know.

The true plot is currently unknown, Try and discover it if you can...


Canon (Played by anyone)Edit

Twilight Sparkle

Pinky Pie

Apple Jack

Apple Blossom

Rainbow Dash

(Add some if you know any canon characters not listed)

Fanon (Played by creator unless said otherwise)Edit

1LugiaLover's CharactersEdit

Cherished Moondrop

Orange Spice

Cinnamon Bun

Tree Bud

Lickety Split

Mint Chip

Rainbow Sherbert

Apple Seed

Shooting Star

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