A Lion King Roleplay, if you will!


Kuji, daughter of Kivu and Mwepe, loves to learn and listen to old stories. She sometimes goes to see Rafiki, or Timon and Pumbaa, but finds other forms of learning equivalent.

She mainly likes to observe.

One day, she goes a bit too far and wanders into the elephant graveyard, watching some Hyenas,

What will happen? Find out. 030


  • Kivu (Pride Leader)- 1LL
  • Mwepe (Kivu's mate- Uni
  • Kuji (Mwepe and Kivu's first cub)- 1LL
  • Pumbaa (Warthog)-
  • Timon (Meerkat)- 1LL
  • Shenzi -(Hyena) 1LL
  • Banzai (Hyena)-
  • Ed (Hyena)-
  • Rafiki (Monkey)-
  • Timon's Mom (Meerkat)-
  • Hekima (Lioness of the pride)- Uni

Part OneEdit

Kuji flicked her tail, anticipating the attack. She slowly crouched and made her way forward, taking every step cautiously.

Then, she pounced.

"Got you momma!" She squealed, grabbing her mother's tail, batting the tip a few times.

"Hey!" Mewpe pulls her tail away. "You scared me!"

"Sorry. I was working on pouncing! Can't be a good hunter if I don't know how to pounce!"

"Then go ahead! We need good hunters!" Mwepe cheered her on.

Kuji turned, spotting a butterfly on a rock. She immediatley went into another crouch, and slowly made her way to it. She leaped and made a cute growl, but the butterfly flew away at the last second.

"Silly butterfly." she muttered. Her mind turned, thinking of something else.

"Momma, can you tell me that story again? The one you told me last night?"

"In the far past, there was a lone wildebeast. It was lost, and forgotten by the rest of it's herd. When it was on the edge of death, a small lioness came and fed it some meat. The wildebeast didn't like the taste, because it was old. The lioness went away. The wildebeast got a bellyache, and started to eat grass to relieve the pain. That is why wildebeast eat plants today, and not meat."

"Really? I want to learn more things like that!"

(And then a song)

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