Luigi’s Mansion

Chapter One: Locked In

“It should be around here…” a voice mumbled, followed by the sounds of footsteps. It was a dark night in the forest, much to Luigi’s dismay. He kept tripping in his brown boots, scuffing up his gloves, his overalls, his shirt. A time or two, his hat fell off, but he managed to regain it. He took a piece of paper on it. It looked to be a map. There was a picture of the forest with many trails, one with red arrows on it. It led to a black house picture. On the top, it showed a wonderful house with three stories, a red roof, and several blue windows. He took out a flashlight from his other pocket and pointed down the path, almost invisible from sight, what with all the tree roots and wild plants growing around. “According to the map, it should be dead ahead. Mario should already be there, I mean, what with my rate of travel. Though I’m not exactly sure how I won a mansion in a contest I didn’t even enter… Ah well. Go Luigi!” He exclaimed, tucking the flashlight and map back into their pockets. Without a moment to lose, he ran off down the path, tripping once again.

“There it is!” Mario said. He quickly took out his key and shoved it into the front door’s lock. He turned it, then flung the door open. He quickly head inside, forgetting to take the key out of its lock. “Helloooooo? Anyone home?” He called out. Hearing no reply, he hurriedly walked to the door on the other side of the foyer. He wiggled the handle, but it was locked. He shrugged, and started to turn around when he heard the front door shut and click. He was locked inside. “OF ALL LUCK!” He shouted, his voice echoing into the large room.” He decided to explore until Luigi arrived, seeing as he would unlock the door with the key outside. He looked around for any other doors, seeing one up some stairs. He walked up and tried to open it, but it too was locked. “Drat!” He hissed. He hurried back down the steps, stopping in the center of a sun rug. “Looks like I’m trapped in this room.” He muttered to himself.

“Indeed you are!” A voice shreed. Without warning, a chandelier fell on top of Mario, pinning him. Mario struggled, trying to escape, while three Boos and a Bow appeared from the shadows.

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