Have you ever done drama at highschool? Well, if you haven't, let me fill you in on some of the drama games that are usuallt played. In order to psych up actors into characters, or just for fun, certain drama games have been created for the purpose of not only having fun, but also to help provide the state of mind needed to act.

Now just for fun, I've decided to make some up and see how they go! Enjoy.

The Question game Edit

In this game, you have to create dialogue in the given situation, but you are only allowed to ask questions. It's harder than it looks.


  • Laura
  • William
  • Jess
  • Drake


Thats the part where we begin guys Edit

Monty: (In a cheesy accent) Hello everyone, i'm your beloved host Monty! Today we will be playing the drama game: Questions only. Our contestants today are William, Laura Drake and Jess!

(They enter)

Random heckler from the audience: Who is who?

Monty: Who cares? Anywya, lets begin the game!

(Fake audience cheer comes from your TV)

Monty:Now today we are playing-

William: Questions only, we heard.

Monty: Correct! Now take your positions aaaaaand: BEGIN!

Round 1:

Situation: You are on an aeroplane that is starting to go down for an emergency landing

William: Whats going on?

Laura: I don't know-

Monty OUT! Drake, take her place.

Drake: Dude, whats happening?

William: What in the name of God are you doing?

Drake: What am I doing?

William: Do you realise how dangerous the engine failiure is?

Drake: Which engine is failing?

William: Are you telling me you don't know which engine is failing?

Drake: Yes I- ah crap!

Monty: NEXT!

(Jess comes on)

Jess: How is the situation?

William: Do you really want to know?

Jess: Do you want to know what will happen if you don;t?

William:That depends-

Monty: OUT!

(Laura comes on)

Laura: What's taking so long?

Jess: Which do you want to hear first?

Laura: Do I look like I have the time for this?

Jess:Well do you?

Laura: Can't you hear all the passenger screaming?

Jess: I assumed that was the failing engines.

Monty: OUT!

(William comes on)

William:You will not believe what I just found?

Laura:What did you find?

William: Would you believe me if I told you I found the emergency switch to switch back on the engines?

Laura: No I wouldn't believe you.

Monty: And the game is over! Thanks for playing everyone!

To be continued

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